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I’m Zach Infante, an educator and administrator running for my hometown Board of Education in Roselle Park, NJ. I’m the child of a Puerto Rican mother, Dominican father and sibling to a successful sister. I grew up in Roselle Park’s Fifth Ward and attended Aldene School, Roselle Park Middle School, and served as my Senior Class President at Roselle Park High School (‘09). My involvement in our community began at a young age. My dad brought me to the public library regularly, I played recreational sports, and I attended and eventually counseled at Roselle Park Summer Camp.

The Roselle Park School District prepared me to succeed academically as well as artistically. I went on to attend New York University, receive a BFA in Drama, and I took special interest in the Child Adolescent Mental Health Program during my studies. I’ve gone on to work in numerous arts education programs and currently serve as the Director of Youth Outreach for The Future Perfect Project, a non-profit organization that serves LGBTQ+ youth and believes that the artistic expression of young people is a declaration of a better future for us all. As an educator I know how important it is to build teams that collaborate with and support each other. As an administrator I see how essential efficiency, transparency, and compassion are to a healthy working environment. 

I’m committed to the enrichment and learning experience of all our young people, their families, educators, and staff. I intend to, in efforts with our community, examine ways we can encourage diversity in hiring practices, make our curriculum more inclusive, and ensure that our district is safe for people of all backgrounds. We're facing an unprecedented health crisis in our community, and I'm committed to the mental and physical health of our students first and foremost. It’s my pledge to continue to practice integrity, honesty, and to remain teachable throughout this race.


Zach Infante

Statements of support

I’ve known Zach Infante since we first started working on School of Rock way back in 2003. He has always been smart, hard working and a kind compassionate soul. What more could you want from an elected official? He’s super creative and engaging so it’s no surprise that he’s running for the Board of Education. Zach and I have both benefited greatly from theater training in our youth so we know how important it is to have robust arts education programs in the community. Vote for Zach!

Jack Black (Actor)

When I met Zach while working on Kiss My Aztec, I was immediately struck not only by their comedic acting chops, but also by their tireless work ethic. I could shoot Zach notes the day of a performance, collaborate with them, and see those tweaks perfected that night. While workshopping another musical this summer, Zach gave invaluable creative advice and direction. From working with Zach, I know they have the selfless compassion and indefatigable attitude to make a real difference in our country's flawed education system. 

John Leguizamo (Actor)

I’ve known Zach since the earliest days of their schooling. Zach and my daughter spent many years in shows together and working summer camp as they grew up. I know their heart and it is in the right place for leadership in town. Zach will work hard and he will be his own person. Zach and I have sat down on many occasions and have discussed Zach's ideas. We didn’t agree on all of them but Zach listened and they considered ideas different then their own. I think Zach would be an excellent addition to the Board of Ed. 

Rick Matarante (Former RP BOE member,

Former RP Councilman, RP Resident)

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Zach since they were in elementary school. I’ve always been impressed by his drive, talent, and holistic and community-oriented thinking. While Zach has had life experiences outside of Roselle Park that have helped develop their community organizing skills, it’s clear that their roots and upbringing in RP have taught them the importance of community, mutual aid, and integrity. Zach does not avoid difficult issues that face our community and students — they uses his voice for positive change and that’s incredibly important for leaders in our town. I believe that Zach will listen to students and families and help push for a more culturally responsive educational experience for our young people.

Colleen MacDonald (RPHS Class of 2006)

As the founder of The Trevor Project, and as the co-founder of The Future Perfect Project, I’ve had years of experience working with adults who are committed to making it better for young people.  But finding a true blue individual like Zach Infante, who has the smarts, the heart and the passion, is very rare indeed.  Their willingness to jump in and take on the issues of the day, especially as they pertain to young people is demonstrated in every facet of his work. As a performer, they go way above and beyond, reaching out to young audiences and making sure that under-served communities have the opportunity to experience the live theater that they deserve.  And as one of our facilitators at The Future Perfect Project, Zach has enlivened and enlightened every workshop since he started working with us last year.  Zach brings genuine joy and curiosity and commitment to everything they do.  And as a native of  Park N.J, I can’t imagine a better candidate for a position on its Board of Education.

James Lecesne (Oscar Award Winner)

As a past elementary school music teacher in Roselle Park, I have known Zachary Infante since he was in second grade. He was also part of my RP Summer Theater program as a participant and then as a counselor. I have also gotten to know his wonderful family who have always been supportive of Roselle Park's community along with Zach's endeavors both in school, university and professional career. Zach's commitment to our community and his talents have been exceptional. I believe he truly cares about our children, educators and staff within the school system and will support programs that are beneficial to all. We need an advocate for the arts so that they thrive and succeed which will then continue to make the Roselle Park school system a well-rounded and vital experience for our children. 

I support Zach's nomination,



Linda Green, BA, MAT

Retired RP music teacher of 30 years,

Clinical Supervisor and Adjunct for Music Education at

Kean University